Robot Wars
Battle Cards

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The thrills and spills of
Robot Wars in card form? Are they mad? How on earth can you capture the thrill and spills of the TV show in a card game?...

Do you remember Top Trumps? (No sniggering, please.) Well Robot Wars Battle Cards plays a lot like that. You must battle against your opponents to be the one left holding all the cards.

This is great for long car journeys or for when you want to keep the kids quiet. I also found it a great way to keep the little ones happy when their grandparent's came to visit. It's a simple game that the kids loved to play against their granddad (not that the old-timer isn't a whizz at the Playstation).

Great fun, nice presentation packaging and an all round easy game for all the family to join in with.

An excellent addition to the Robot Wars stable.

Amber Leigh