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Kids and adults love the series and in reality the show is just a chance for anorak engineers to showcase their talents and drag along their sons/nephew to pretend they are doing it for the kids...

Well now, kid or adult, you can replay the thrills and spills of the TV show in your own living room with The Gauntlet playset. For your £30 you get quite a lot of bits to keep you happy - including the X-Terminator 2 robot. The idea here is to build a difficult assault course for your robot and then pull it back and watch it go.

That's the theory at least. Sadly the robot we received seemed to veer too far to the right meaning that it was impossible for it to actually cross the entire length of the bridge without falling through the gap. Hmmm! Not good. Also one of the plastic pipes (which are used to push air through and raise the spikes) was damaged when we opened the box.

We let a couple of 10 year-olds loose on this and after 10 minutes they were bored. Sadly this is not as exciting as it should be and if I had bought this for a Robot Wars fan I would be feeling a little cheated.

It's not really that bad, but it could have been a lot better.

Amber Leigh

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