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Ever watched Tony Blair or President Bush fumbling their way through a press briefing and thought to yourself "I could do their job"? Well now you can thanks to Abel Games. The Earth is in danger (it could be nuclear war, alien invasion or any number of other worrying scenarios) and it is your job to keep your planet safe. Can you do it?...

Save Your Planet gives you the chance to find out whether or not you have the guts to succeed when it counts. We have been playing this in the office for a week now (I still can't believe we get paid for doing this) and every time we get it out it is as much fun as the last time.

The one slight complaint is that, to begin with, the instructions are a little on the complicated side and I felt like we needed a member of MENSA in the room just to get started. Luckily our Editor was at hand to sort everyone out. Mind you it wasn't long before we realised he hadn't actually read the instructions properly and was actually just pretending he knew what was going on (like any good politician).

Once we cracked it we had a great time (mainly because several people were banished from the room for openly cheating) and we eventually rid our planet from a swarm of invading aliens.

The presentation of this game is wonderful, with a huge hardback map of the earth as your arena (see below) and a collection of plastic planes as your counters.

This is destined to become a classic game in the future and we suggest you snap one up now - every home should have one.

This game is available from a number of good stores including Hamleys of London and London's Science Museum. However if you want to know where else you can buy this visit

Amber Leigh

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