Power Aces:
Action Racer and Agent Brain

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Former CIA intelligence officer and race car mechanic, Agent Brain, is your man to call when nerves of steel are required. His sports car, Action Racer, comes equipped with secret defence systems to keep the forces of evil at bay...

The Power Aces range from Revell revitalises an old format and brings it up-to-date for today's Playstation fuelled generation. I don't know how much the model-kit industry has declined in recent years, but you can bet your life that the demographics have changed. It is more likely to be the older generation that are building model airplanes and cars, while their offspring are sat playing on their latest Playstation games.

Revell are trying to claw back the interest of the younger generation with this range. And it may work, but it seems a little too late. I gave this kit to a 10-year old to play with and he had constructed, played with it and then wandered back to his Playstation in under one hour.

I hope this is the exception to the norm, but somehow I doubt it.

Amber Leigh