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Power Trike and Viper

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Viper was the head of an elite police motorbike unit until he turned bad. His specially designed bike has made life difficult more than once for the guards of order and justice...

Oh! Are the days of sticking your fingers together while trying to make a model plane behind us? Kids these days seem to have everything too easy (I'm starting to sound like my grandparents).

Whatever happened to spending hours lovingly sticking together your model pieces only to discover they were on the wrong way round or that you had managed to spear glue all over the glass pieces?

I don't really know how I feel about these click together models. While I know they are easy to put together and take apart I just feel cheated by them. I know you can still by traditional model kits, but there seems to be no sense of achievement by clicking together two pieces of plastic.

While the Power Trike looks pretty funky and is easy to put together I still feel a little cheated.

Great if you don't want you kids meddling with glue, otherwise I suggest you buy them a traditional Revell kit.

Ray Thompson