Power Aces:
Big Rider and Cool Clasher

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Cool Clasher comes from the Australian outback. He is super strong and with his powerful truck, Big Rider, he is on a mission to fight the forces of evil...

Revell's Power Aces range of clip together vehicles took me back to the late 70's (yes, I really am that old) when I was a youngster and would spend hours building model cars and planes. After ruining the family dinning table, by spilling glue and paint everywhere, I was banished to the garden shed to continue my hobby.

Now as a parent I am so happy that my little one won't be doing the same thanks to the introduction of clip together models. No glue, no paint - Heaven. This also means that you can customize each vehicle and swap parts between the various models available to build new vehicles.

An interesting point worth mentioning is that the stereotypical image of a good guy is being challenged here. Cool Clasher is a bald, bearded hulk of a man which normally would see him as the super villain in any normal toy range range. Nice one Revell for challenging outdated stereotypes.

I spent so long playing with this that my son started to get annoyed that he wasn't allowed to build it. Far too good for kids.

Darren Rea