Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3: Tech Deck Skateboard

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Remember Dinky toys? Well what about Matchbox cars then? Well the latest craze (it's been around for over a year now) are miniature skateboards, bikes and go-carts...

When I first saw mini-skateboards I thought they were a waste of money. I've got a son who was eager to own one and I couldn't see the appeal. However, once he'd managed to get me to purchase one for him it was only a matter of time before I realised that they are extremely good toys that also allow your children to learn how things are put together.

With the skateboards you can change the wheels and customise the bodies in a variety of ways. They are also great for teaching your children coordination skills. The Tony Hawk boards are at the luxury end of the market. While they might be better manufactured than other boards, what you are really paying for is Tony Hawk's name and unfortunately the extra money isn't really worth it.

That said, these are still excellent, just a tad over priced.

Ray Thompson

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