The Simpsons
Homer Fridge Guard

Wesco Limited
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Can you think of anyone you'd rather not have guarding your fridge than Homer Simpson?

Wesco Limited think it's a good idea and on closer examination I'm inclined to agree with them. Set up your Homer Fridge Guard to ensure that no greedy gullet opens your fridge without you knowing about it, or better still so that you are not tempted to go for a midnight snack.

There are a lot of these fridge guards on the market at the moment with different themes. I've seen a cow, a dog and even a dolphin, but this is by far and away they best of the punch - Homer even turns blue. How cool is that?

This will make a great present for the ultimate Simpson's nut. Personally my pad is far too refined to install such a device. But there are armies of fans out there who will love this. And so they should.

Darren Rea