Shocking Roulette

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Ages: 18+


All the thrills of playing Russian roulette, without any of the danger... well, with less danger. Shocking roulette is a game for one to four players. Choose a number between one and four, insert your finger in the shock station, press the button so that the machine will randomly choose a victim and then laugh as they receive a mild electric shock... or yell out in pain as you discover that this time you are the victim...

Shocking roulette is a great way of discovering which of your mates has no fear. Once you've been zapped, you are a braver man than I if you dare play again. The shock itself is not overly painful, but it does leave a tingling sensation for sometime afterwards - and I can think of more pleasurable things.

Between two and four people can play at the same time. You slip your finger in one of the numbered shock stations and press the "start" button. Waiting for the victim to be chosen is about the most suspenseful thing you are likely to have to go through. The numbered lights flash as the machine beeps. This gets slower and slower, until the lights stop flashing and the beeps continue to slowly let you know it is still choosing a victim and then a loud metallic "clank" goes off as the machine electrocutes one of the victims.

It's this slow process that will really test your nerve. If you can keep you finger on the electrode, then you are half way through the torture.

However we did find a cunning flaw in the design of this item. If you are clever enough you can push your finger to the roof of the numbered dome that houses the electrode. This way you can stop yourself from receiving the shock if you are the victim (You'll know when to fake being shocked because your light will be illuminated.)

But, assuming you don't using cheating tactics, this is the perfect way to settle any arguments and can easily be carried to the pub so that you can decide whose round it is.

Great fun and cheap too.

Pete Boomer

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