Dreadwind and Smokejumper

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Ages: 5+
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It was a huge fad in the '80s/'90s and now those mighty Transformers are making a huge comeback - to entertain a new generation...

I was slightly too old to appreciate Transformers when they were originally released. And now that I am truly ancient I can probably get away with playing with these because I have a child in the family (even though he is 13 and a little too old to be playing with this sort of toy).

The great think about this set is that you get five different toys to play with. You can play with Dreadwind and Smokejumper as both robots or planes and then you can join them both up to form a super-size plane.

Unlike other toys which have been reissued for the new millennium, the quality doesn't seem to have deteriorated in any significant way. You still get metal and plastic parts and they seem to be well constructed.

If you have a young family member then they will probably love this - beats sitting indoors all day glued to a console game anyway.

Ray Thompson

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