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A comic book icon known worldwide, Spider-Man's message is clear: With great power, there comes great responsibility. For over 30 years, Peter Parker - an ordinary boy transformed into an extraordinary hero from the bite of a radioactive spider - has thrilled fans of all ages. Through all of Spider-Man's exciting adventures and sesational battles with sinister super-villains, young Peter Parker still relates to his many fans as he tries to maintain some semblance of a normal life...

This pack of Spider-Man playing cards may come as something of a disappointment to Marvel comic fans. Character Games had the chance to do something impressive with this license, but end up producing a pack that might as well not have Spider-Man plastered all over the packaging.

The quality of the cards is not that bad, but what's the point of producing a themed deck if you hardly print any images of the main character. When we buy a themed deck of cards we expect to see a different image on each card - no repeats and certainly no cards where the web slinger doesn't even appear.

On the plus side, the images that are included are of good quality, and there are rules for six games, but save yourself some money and buy a standard set of playing cards.

Nick Smithson

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