Micro Machines
Undercover Jail Break

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Ages: 4+
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Immerse yourself in a world of action and adventure with these awesome playsets! Complete with vehicles, roadways and accessories! All pieces are interchangeable as part of the Micro World system! Lead exciting city rescue efforts with the Undercover Jail Break playset...

The Undercover Jail Break playset features: bendable prison bars, breakable brick wall, collapsing road, helicopter pad, vehicle trap and a working elevator.

This playset can be used on its own, or linked to one of the other Micro World playsets in the range. While this set comes in a fairly compact box, once you have everything laid out, it takes up quite some room and there is plenty to keep kids entertained.

While this comes equipped with a cool car you can use any of your Micro Machines in this set - guaranteeing hours of fun. While some of the components of this playset were a little flimsy, it is still possibly the most durable in the range - although we did have a problem with some of the bits - which would keep falling off. Otherwise, this is an extremely entertaining playset.

Ray Thompson

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