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Sky Winder Remote Control Plane


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Ages: 8+
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Create your own Air Show with the latest radio controlled air vehicle from Air Hogs. This full-functional radio control plane allows the user to command the plane to climb, dive, bank right, bank left, or perform a number of stunts. It also comes with a 3-function charger that will not only charge the plane, but also act as a display stand, and an indoor training stand, so you can practice your flying skills indoors...

The Sky Winder Remote Control Plane from Air Hogs sees yet another leap forward in the quality of cheap R/C flying.

For the price you really shouldn't expect a flying machine as good as you get. It's durable, fast and very responsive. On the down side though, it's not easy to get the hang of. But, put in the hours, and you'll soon be flying this like a pro.

This plane comes in black or silver models, and looks fantastic. The fact that the charger also acts as a display stand is also a nice touch. When you're not flying, you can proudly display this in your living room.

As with all of Air Hogs radio controlled aircraft, it's advised that you fly this in a wide, open space - away from traffic. Not only will this ensure that you don't loose the plane, but it will also give you the best results. You'll be able to loop-the-loop and spin to your hearts content without having to worry about it flying into someone's property.

For £80 (or though you can find it cheaper if you shop around) there is no better value for money R/C aircraft on the market. And if you get bitten by the bug you can always save up hundreds of pounds and buy an expensive fibreglass plane - although you'll be hard pushed to squeeze any more fun out of it.

Ray Thompson

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