Intergalactic Sampling Pod

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This toy is pretty cool in that it can be adjusted from a four-wheel vehicle to a flying shuttle craft. It looks almost bug-like and has a claw-like arm to allow it to pick up space debris, or Polo mints - which we found particularly handy.

As a stand alone craft it is pretty good fun, but add it to the Playmobil Space Station and you have a seriously cool play arena to fly around and drive underneath.

One thing which has increasingly made me sad as I grow older, is the relaunch of old classic toys and games (for example Ker-Plunk) that, to be quite honest are rubbish in comparison to their original versions. Thankfully, this is not the case here. As is to be expected (as a 30-something I grew up on this stuff) this is extremely well made and the quality of the new launches far exceeds the products that I remember playing with as a youngster. Not only that, but I thought that Playmobil was aimed at six-year olds. It looks, however, that they are branching out allowing their toys to grow with the market.

I strongly suggest you take a look again at Playmobil with fresh eyes. While the Sampling Pod is not the sexiest item that is being launched (it is very good though) there is some top-notch stuff out there waiting to be released.

Pete Boomer