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Playmobil's Robot has a movable head, legs and arms. It also has a lazer gun with which to defend itself... and er... that's it.

While it is extremely cheap as a stand alone toy it is pretty pointless. You really need a ship to play with and ideally the Space Station for it to roam around. But on its own it is pretty dull.

Imagine this, a 30-something male in an office playing with a tiny robot, pushing it backwards and forwards around his desk, occasionally making the sound of an alien lazer gun being fired. Sound sad? That was me for about five minutes trying to think of something interesting to say about this toy.

It is cute but give this to a kid as a present and you are likely to get a lot of tears - unless they already have a couple of the other toys in the range.

I really did want to like this, but what can you do with a tiny robot, apart from look a complete idiot in front of your colleagues?

Ray Thompson