Groovy Clay

John Adams

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Ages: 8+
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The coolest activity for best friends everywhere is new 'Fun to Do' Groovy Clay. In just five minutes or so, you can design and make wicked jewellery - from friendship bracelets to brooches - that you and your friends will love to wear. Or make them smile with 'best buddy' cards, decorated photo frames and great fridge magnets created just for them. The special coloured clay can be used to make hundreds of different things...

Groovy Clay takes a well known hobby and turns it into a kit that every young girl can enjoy. And, because the kit uses fast-bake clay, it dries in minutes so you don't have to spend hours waiting for your creations to be completed.

The kit contains coloured greeting cards, self adhesive envelopes, 2 foam photo frames, elastic, self adhesive magnetic pads, plastic needle, 3 clay stampers, modelling tool, beads, eight different coloured blocks of clay, sheet of "best friend" stickers and glitter glue... in fact everything you could possibly need to get you started.

With this activity set it is easy to make loads of great looking items. In fact, just one of these items is worth the asking price alone - the greetings cards. If you go to any specialist card shop these days there seems to be a trend to offer a choice of cards that appear to be home made. And one of the most popular styles has a clay flower glued to the front. These cards are not cheap, and the Groovy Clay kit comes with everything you need to make your own cards. And to be honest the ones you can make yourself look better than the store bought versions.

But that's just one of hundreds of items you can make with this kit - and there are thousands more ideas if you use a bit of creative thought. For example you can place your clay creation onto an old badge and you've got yourself a new badge, or you can buy a blank key ring from any hardware store and attach your clay masterpiece to it for an instant personalised key ring.

This is the perfect gift for the creative type and mums and dads will also get hours of fun out of helping their children to explore their creative talents.

Amber Leigh

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