Gross Magic

Drumond Park

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If you want to deliver a proverbial poke in the eye to the magicians of years past, and make your audience howl with disgust as well as astonishment... then you need to seek out the great new Gross Magic set from Drumond Park...

Step with me back in time, if you will dear reader, to a decade when Rubik's Cube was all the rage, when your mum used to make her own jam and dad used to brew his own carrot wine... Soda Stream was king (despite the fact it was actually cheaper to buy bottles of carbonated drinks ready made from your local newsagent) and the world was a better place (probably).

Back then kids were captivated by magic. Paul Daniels was the king of Saturday nights and all children aspired to be magicians. Actually, thinking about it now, how good a magician was Daniels? Sure he could make us believe that he could turn water in to wine, but why couldn't he make us believe that the rug on his head was not his real hair?

I remember buying loads of Paul Daniels tricks and cards and impressing loads of people... well, the neighbours dog was baffled by my flair for magic. And then, suddenly Daniels married Debbie and they disappeared into obscurity and magic became uncool.

Over the years David Copperfield and David Blaine have tried to get us back into the magic of... er... magic, but they just couldn't hold our interest the way that Daniels did when we were kids.

What my anal ramblings above are trying to illustrate is that in order to get kids interested in magic again there needs to be a new angle to make magic appear cool once again. And the Gross Magic kit from Drummond Park is just the thing to rekindle a nations interest.

There are two types of tricks for kids to learn in this collection. The first type involves using the equipment provided to perform disgusting magic, and the second offers even more ideas by simply using household items - or things you can pick up easily while you are out and about.

The most effective of these is the bursting eyeball trick. Okay, I'm going to break the magicians code here and tell you how this one works... but keep it to yourself.

For this trick you pretend to have something in your eye; you bring one hand up to touch your eyelid, bring the other fist up to rub the eye, and pop! your eyeball explodes in a gloopy white mess. What you actually do is conceal one of those little tubs of UHT milk you get in service stations inside your fist, then pop your finger through the lid at the dramatic moment. Argghhhhhhh! Now how sick is that? That's sure to make granny lose her teeth.

There are loads of great tricks using the equipment in the kit (which include tons of stuff including snot, slime, dandruff, toenail clippings, cockroaches, squashed eyeballs, a mini bin and even a toilet full of poo).

Make a cockroach appear from an empty dustbin; liquidise an eyeball and then eat its squished remains; strip the veins out of your wrist then stuff them into your magic bin where they turn to goo; oops runny nose? Get rid of that embarrassing big green bogie that is hanging out of your nostril by snorting it back up again; then prove to your victims... I mean audience that they have bad breath. Get them to breath over a picture of a flower and then gasp as the picture changes to show that the flower has wilted under their breath.

There are so many cool tricks here that you'll have hours of fun learning them all. My only slight complaint is that the instructional manual could have been a little clearer - the instructions and illustrations are not as straight forward as they could have been.

"Now that's magic!" as one follicly challenged '80s magician used to say.

Darren Rea

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