Micro Icons
Commandos - Pack 1


RRP: £3.99

Ages: 9+
Item Number: 29201
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From X-Concepts the makers of Tech Deck, Modifiers, Citizen and other really cool stuff comes the Micro Icons. They are tiny little guys (and girls) but they are totally big on personality. Cool little figures including masters of martial arts, punks with attitude, commando war heroes, laid-back bikers and some cool brothers to bring things into perspective. Lots of detail, good paint jobs and great character...!

The Micro Icons series has to be seen to be believed. Each pack comes with four highly detailed figures. There are even some play sets that can be bought which also double as attractive stands for the little people to be displayed on.

The figures retail at £4 for each pack - which is £1 a figure. While that might sound a little pricey for such tiny figures, you've got to look at the attention to detail to appreciate that you are getting good value for money. The models are not only well sculpted, they have also been beautifully painted.

Getting figures like this to stand up is always a problem, but X-Concepts have come up with an ingenious way of keeping them upright. A small magnet has been inserted into one of the feet of each figure. So, as long as you are playing on a metal surface, your models will all stand up.

Commandos: Pack 1 comes complete with Bob, Wesley, Hammer and Frank - between them they have a pistol, sniper rifle, flame thrower and gatling gun, respectively. And, like the rest of this series, each figure is a caricature of this segment of society. Bob looks like he's taking charge of the situation; Wesley has a handlebar moustache; Hammer is wearing shades while using his flame thrower; and Frank... well Frank's head looks like Frankenstien's monster and he looks like he really shouldn't be in charge of such a heavy piece of machinery!

The play sets for the Commandos's series include Grenade Alley (which is a brick wall with sandbags in front of it) and Patriotic Platform (which has a huge American flag as the backdrop as well as a chair and ammunitions case).

Instantly collectible, these figures are sure to be a hit with children worldwide. The fact that there are plenty of different collections (commandos, bikers, souljahs, Kung-Fu and punks) ensures that there is something for all tastes.

For more information on this series, and to keep up-to-date on future releases, click here.

Ray Thompson