Rubik's Cube
The Simpsons Edition

Drumond Park

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Ages: 8+
Number of players: 1
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He's the archetypal harassed husband, the little guy with the big ideas that always seem to go awry somewhere along the line. Bar room philosopher Homer Simpson, star of one of TV's greatest cult successes, the classic cartoon series The Simpsons, does seem to find life something of a puzzle: which makes him the ideal figurehead - literally - for a clever and inventive incarnation of the world's greatest puzzle, the legendary Rubik's Cube...

The Homer Simpson Rubik's Cube looks like a bit of a con. The thing only comes in eight segments so it's bound to be a doddle to mix up and reassemble isn't it? Surely you're not going to need to use the guide book included to put it back to normal? Actually, it's not quite as simple as it looks.

So how does it work? Well, Homer's head is split into eight different pieces, and divided in half in three ways (horizontally, vertically from right to left, and vertically from front to back). Each of the pieces can be twisted around a central axis, so within just a few turns, poor old Homer's eyes could end up where his mouth used to be.

While it's not quite as complicated as the original Rubik's cube, it's still something of a challenge and once you've mixed the thing up it's incredibly difficult to put down - you'll want to get it back to it's original shape

This is the perfect gift for every serious Simpsons fan.

Nick Smithson

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