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Easy Colour Stylin' Tongs


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Ages: 6+
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Colouring and styling your hair has never been so easy, thanks to the
Girl Crush Easy Colour Stylin' Tongs. This kit consists of a carry case with a flip open lid that houses a mirror. Inside the case are lots of colour cartridges, tongs and design pads with shaped patterns. Choose your colour and pad, add some water and produce streaks or patterns in your hair to match your latest outfit...

Oh, why couldn't I have been born ten years ago? Every time I review another Girl Crush toy I wish that I could be a teenager again. To be honest I hated it the first time around, but then there was nothing as cool on the market as this.

So what do you get for £20 these days? A lot, surprisingly. You get the tongs, four different colours (moonstone silver, sugar pink, hot pink and cool blue), design pads, a comb and a case that houses everything and even comes equipped with a mirror.

As you can imagine, as a woman in my 30's, I was a little apprehensive about reviewing this in the office. You know what it's like - we have our office joker too. And I wouldn't put it past a certain editor to replace the colours provided with permanent dyes [The very idea! - Ed].

So, I took this home and had great fun streaking my hair all sorts of colours - safe in the knowledge that I could wash it all out once I'd finished. It's relatively easy to use, and really simple to get some great looking effects.

The perfect gift to buy for a young girl who is just starting to care about her appearance. It also makes the perfect addition to a slumber party, if you've already got the other items in the Girl Crush range.

Amber Leigh

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