WWE DVD Board Game


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Ages: 15+
Number of players: 2 to 8
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Feva's new game packs no punches. Wrestle your way to be a winner with the new WWE DVD Board Game. Build your team of Superstars beating your challengers to the titles. To win you need to collect all four belts from the different weight categories - use your WWE money to trade your Superstar cards between you and your opponents. Live out the dream of every WWE Manager...

Take on the role of a WWE manager and accumulate a stable of superstars, collect prize money and earn championship titles. The first manager to get every title for either RAW or SmackDown! is declared general manager for that brand, and wins the game.

We played this in the office to see how it faired with a large group playing it. A word of warning, this game is only going to be of use if all players know quite a lot about WWE. If you don't know John Cena from Batista, then you are not really going to do very well at all. It's not so much skill, as general WWE knowledge that will see you victorious over your competitors. The first problem we had was that the majority of our staff knew next to nothing about WWE - a big problem. So, once we'd weeded those out, the rest of us sat down to some serious fighting.

The instructions are not easy to follow the first time you play this game. In fact, unless you are really determined, you might give up before you even get to play the game (and we've got a total of six university degrees between us). Other games that are DVD related usually come with instructions on the DVD that illustrated how to play the game. The DVD version of Atmosfear has an excellent introduction on how to play the game. But then, having said that, the WWE DVD board game isn't technically as DVD intense as Atmosfear. Instead, the DVD is used to provide puzzles to solve in order to advance you in the game.

Because of the fact that you have to be seriously up on WWE it's very doubtful, in the UK at any rate, that many families will be sitting down to play this after dinner. This is more a game for fans of the franchise to sit around and play.

If you are looking for a lightweight game where you don't have to use your brain, then you'd better look elsewhere. However, if you want to exercise the old grey matter, and you are very up on the world of WWE, this could be the best £30 you spend this year.

Pete Boomer

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