A.I. Bear

Tiger Electronics
Available now

AI: Artificial Intelligence is a strange movie to be generating toy merchandise. It's not a kids' film after all - too much sex and violence for the tots. So it's a bit of a surprise to see the film's Teddy hero destined for the shelves in toy shops this Christmas.

In truth toy shops in the UK have shied away from the AI Teddy with only Hamley's taking up an option on the Tiger Electronics bear - and then only as an adult collectors item. This is a shame as Teddy is really something special. Fully articulated and well finished, the bear features a wide range of specially recorded phrases - all performed by the same voice artist as in the movie - triggered by the ever-popular squeeze to the tummy. And all for 25 - what a bargain.

So if you're looking for that 'smart' Christmas present that lasts all summer long go check out Teddy, even if you're not an AI fan. Perhaps if Tiger Electronics produced an AI Jude Law replica mannequin - for the ladies - the company would really be onto a winner.

Anthony Clark