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Tiger Electronics are, without a doubt, masters of the toy genre. They have kept children entertained for years with a range of impressive electronic gadgets.

The latest addition to its range of electronic pets (Tiger are responsible for family favourites Furby, Chirpy-chi and Poo-chi amongst others) is by far and a way the most impressive. I-Cybie is the smartest interactive pet on the market (unless you want to spend over £600 on Sony's new aibo). It will keep both the young and young at heart entertained for hours - well it kept us amused for a hours anyway.

I-Cybie can perform numerous tricks on demand (either by the owner clapping or, for the professional dog trainer, voice commands). And when his bladder is full he cocks his leg and lets nature do its business. A remote control is provided too so that you can perform tricks from the comfort of your armchair.

This is arguably the best toy we've seen in ages - the only problem we had was how was going to play with it next!

This would be worth over £200, yet Tiger are letting us enter the world of A.I. for a lot less. Get one - or get someone you know to buy one for you.

Nick Smithson

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