Harry Potter
Magic Spell Challenge

Tiger Electronics
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Item number: 36283
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Fans of Harry Potter can now pretend they have mystical special powers thanks to Tiger Electronics Magic Spell Challenge.

This comes with three different games. The first one sees the players having to memorise Voldemort's voice commands to ensure that you beat him in wizardry battle using the four different coloured buttons as well as moving the wand up or down. The second game starts with a simple list of moves which you must copy, but each time the list is repeated a new one is tagged onto the end. See how long it is before you loose your mind.

The final game can only be played with a friend who has another wand - but believe me it is worth it as you are pitched against a real opponent.

This is easily the best of the Harry Potter games on the market and a must for all little and large fans of the series.

Amber Leigh