Jurassic Park III

Tiger Electronics
Available now

You've seen the movie Jurassic Park III but know how do you stop your kids from asking you to answer loads of questions about the beasts on the screen? Simple you buy them an official Jurassic Park III Dino-Dex from Tiger...

This fun and informational handheld encyclopedia of dinosaurs shows is packed full of dino-knowledge to educate any child from ages five and upwards.

There are a total of 72 different dinosaurs stored on its database, plus two different game modes. There's also an organizer function, a high-resolution dot-matrix screen and cool sounds. And kids can keep all their stored info away from the eyes of mum and dad with a private password.

I'm getting on a bit now, but have to admit that I picked up a lot of new information. I was not so impressed by the games on here, but as it is predominately an encyclopedia and diary gadget, who am I to complain?

Nick Smithson