Judge Dredd
Trapped on Titan

Starring: Toby Longworth, Nicola Bryant, Andrew Fettes & Jack Galagher
Big Finish
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ISBN 1 903654 85 8
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Judge Dredd is sent undercover to the maximum security prison on Titan to investigate a series of suspicious deaths denied by the new management. But something else is out there on the freezing plains of Titan. For 30 years people have committed murder to keep it quiet, but now its secret alone can stop the killing and save the Earth. Dredd must walk among serial killers and mass murderers to find the answer to the puzzle, or he may find he will be spending the rest of his life trapped on Titan...

Trapped on Titan stars Nicola Bryant as Judge Mordin. Most famous as her role as Perpugilliam (Peri for short) Brown in Doctor Who, this audio production just proves that the fact Bryant has been absent for so long from our screens is a crime. Her portrayal of Mordin is wonderful and it is a credit to her acting talents that not once did I picture her past annoying American student character as I was engaged in this adventure.

Nice touch here is the background of Stacey Dolan, who is in control of the penal colony on Titan. Her previous jobs have obviously been in marketing and public relations and this spills over into her new role. The guards in the facility are known as "red coats" and when a fight breaks out she is quick to point out that it is not a fight, but a "discussion."

Writer Jonathan Clements has also played homage to South Park with his character Malcolm the counsellor. Malcolm insistence on saying "MmmOk," after every sentence is obviously a reference to South Park's school counsellor Mr McKay.

The only character that I felt was unbelievable was Riley, the Irish drug dealer. His accent was very forced, even dropping away in a few instances, and there was very little feeling in his delivery - like he was simply reading from the script.

One of the great things about these audio productions is that they are a family listening experience. The copy we reviewed has now been passed on to a family friend who read 2000AD as a teenager and he sits and listens to these productions with his young son. Although, on this release there was a questionable use of the word "feck". There was one instance of its usage where it sounded a little too much like that other well known expletive starting with "F".

This series from Big Finish just keeps getting better and better. This is the one release that I truly look forward to every month.

Darren Rea

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