Sarah Jane Smith
Ghost Town

Starring: Elisabeth Sladen
Big Finish Productions
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 903654 95 5, BFPSJSCD04
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Sarah and Josh head off for a well-deserved break in a Romanian village, which also happens to be the setting for an international peace conference. When Sarah sees a terrifying apparition, Josh assumes she is just imagining it. But certain conference delegates have also been seeing ghosts...

This CD brings Sarah (Elisabeth Sladen) back into K9 and Company territory with its rather spooky goings-on - all of which, of course, have a perfectly rational explanation. Ms Smith sounds distinctly like her old mentor the Doctor when she confidently asserts to Josh (Jeremy James) that there are no such things as ghosts. That is, before things start to go bump in the night for her. There are still no robot dogs in evidence, although there are a couple of references to another famous fictional pooch, Scooby-Doo, who is more closely associated with this type of tale.

Notable guest stars in this production include Brian Miller (Sladen's husband) as posh ex-pat Christian Abbotly. (Perhaps young Sadie had to stay behind to look after the Miller household cat, since her regular character, Nat, does not appear in this story.) Robert Jezek, who has played various Americans in Big Finish Productions, as well as Frobisher the shape-shifter in The Holy Terror, stars as Jack McElroy.

The Romanian setting might have led you to expect the involvement of a vampire or two, but that is one of several red herrings in this entertaining, though not tremendously eventful, change-of-pace story by Rupert Laight.

I was a little disappointed that the cliffhanger ending to Test of Nerve isn't followed up here. However, the trailer for next month's audio drama, Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre, assures me that I won't have to wait much longer...

Richard McGinlay

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