Judge Dredd
Get Karter!

Starring: Toby Longworth, Clare Buckfield & Trevor Littledale
Big Finish
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ISBN 1 903654 86 6
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Judge Dredd is heading for Brit-Cit on a revenge trip, after crime boss Harry Karter sent an assassin to murder Mega-City One's toughest lawman. Judge Amy Steel also has a score to settle with Karter. She believes he murdered her father 13 years ago and then married Steel's mother. The young judge is returning home to confront her stepfather. Dredd and Steel share one goal - to get Karter!...

Get Karter! continues a plot line that was left open at the end of The Big Shot! As Steel returns home to Whitechapel in Brit-Cit she soon realises that her past has come back to haunt her and there are more than a few home truths that she needs to hear. Judge Dredd takes a back seat and plods on with the secondary plot, but it is Steel that is the star of this story.

The cast pulls together for one of the best Judge Dredd audio productions to be released by Big Finish to date. Both Toby Longworth (Dredd) and Clare Buckfield (Steel) put in their best performances to date and Trevor Littledale (Armitage), Steven Wickham (Harry Karter) and Hannah Smith (Eve Karter) round off the perfect cast.

The twist ending is not totally unexpected and is clearly signposted from the off, but the consequences of those actions undertaken in Steel's childhood round the episode to a rather depressing conclusion - anyone familiar with Hitchcock's classic movie Marnie will love the comparison.

There are fewer laughs than usual, but the fact that the writers are eager to experiment with different styles will hopefully ensure that this series has a long and successful life.

This edition also features the first Talks Back track where Longworth, Buckfield and David Bishop are interviewed to give their thoughts on the production.

Yet another fantastic production from Big Finish.

Darren Rea

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