Judge Dredd
I Love Judge Dredd

Starring: Toby Longworth, Nicholas Briggs, Mark Donovan & Jeremy James
Big Finish
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ISBN 1 903654 87 4
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Join your host, TV's Talk Pastry for a bonanza celebration of Mega-City One's premier lawman - Judge Dredd.
Pastry is privileged to accompany Dredd on two eventful and action-packed days in the Big Meg. Gain an intimate, never-before-seen insight into the man behind the helmet. Discover what really makes Dredd tick...

I Love Judge Dredd is a misleading title. I had assumed that the audio was going to be based around a Judge Dredd story I read in 2000AD many years ago (also called I Love Judge Dredd). That story had a young woman becoming increasingly infatuated with the chief lawman after he saved her life.

Instead this Big Finish audio production sees a television crew following Judge Dredd as he goes around his daily job. Talk Pastry is the nightmare talkshow host, obviously based on Alan Partridge. Nowhere is this more evident than when he has a Dredd impressionist on his show who says he has never done an impression of Pastry as he only impersonates famous people. This is very similar to the Alan Partridge radio show where he interviews a Spitting Image impressionist about the rumours that they are making an Alan Partridge puppet.

As Pastry takes us on duty with Dredd we meet up with some peculiar character including the brilliant Brucie Squires (based on Jimmy Saville) who want to commit suicide to teach his mother a lesson. We also meet up with some robosexuals (they don't like to be called hover bandits, apparently) who are fighting for their right to have sex with their mechanical friends.

The whole production is played for laughs and I found myself laughing out loud at two fantastic adverts. One was for the Foundation Against Recklessness and the other was a parody of a well known TV ad for the police force.

While this isn't quite up to the standard of previous audio releases, it is still provides a well produced hours worth of entertainment. If you like your Dredd firmly tongue in check then you'll love this.

Darren Rea

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