Dalek Empire II: Dalek War
Chapter One

Starring: Gareth Thomas and Sarah Mowat
Big Finish Productions
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84435 018 5, BFPCDDE05
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The galaxy is in the grip of a terrible war. Kalendorf and his alliance forces are fighting alongside Daleks from another dimension. But where is the evil Emperor of the Daleks from our universe...?

Following the stupendous cliffhanging climax to last year's Dalek Empire four-CD series, writer/director Nicholas Briggs throws us straight into the conflict between the two Dalek factions. The story is picked up several years later, with Kalendorf (Gareth Thomas), Mirana (Teresa Gallagher) and Alby (Mark McDonnell) having fought beside the allied Daleks for some time now.

Variations in the voice-modulation process ensure that the mutant factions are easily distinguishable from one another.

Back in my review of Dalek Empire: Chapter Four, I commented upon the similarity with Fire and Brimstone, an Eighth Doctor comic strip from Doctor Who Magazine, which also depicted Daleks from beyond our universe. Since then, another Eighth Doctor Dalek strip, Children of the Revolution, has featured friendly Daleks - survivors from the civil war in The Evil of the Daleks. What with the creatures in the Kit Kat commercial, and a rather sympathetic individual in Big Finish's recent Doctor Who release, Jubilee, one can hardly move for affable Daleks these days!

This being the first episode of a new mini-series, the adventure is far from being entirely composed of space battle after space battle. This is still a very human story, and there are a number of new and intriguing questions to be answered while the plot hots up, including the true fates of Susan Mendes (Sarah Mowat) and the Dalek Emperor.

A promising new chapter to the saga.

Richard McGinlay

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