Soldiers of Love
Part Ten - Earth Quake

Starring: Nicholas Courtney, Anna Karen and Gareth Thomas
RRP 9.99
Available now

Can Cilla save Turnidus, Hywel, Cindy and Yztabub from the deadly machines on Medicworld? Will they be able to reach Earth, which has been overrun by Aaran's pallbearers? And will true love prove to be blind for Frag...?

We've had sneaky references to Doctor Who's Daleks before in this series. Indeed, the sinister robotic pallbearers reprise their Dalek Invasion of Earth-style catchphrase "We are the masters of Earth" when the action shifts to our planet. This episode also offers a blatantly obvious allusion to the Daleks' 1963 debut serial, when our heroes realise that a malicious Medicworld x-ray machine depends upon contact with the metal floor to gain power.

In addition to the pallbearers, certain other long-forgotten plot elements are dredged up. Remember the real Mydas Mydason (Mark J Thompson doing a decent imitation of Michael Keating's former performance), who had been locked away by his evil doppelganger? Well, he comes back into the story during this instalment. So does the giant mutated dead cat that was discovered on board the Nick of Time in Part Two. And these are not the only welcome blasts from the past...

In my previous review, I stated that Part Ten would be a double-CD release. Well, I was wrong! It would appear that the plan was changed when Soldiers of Love went from being a ten-part series to a twelve-part and then a fourteen-part one. The sleeve of this CD indicates that the next instalment will comprise two discs, but advance information on the MJTV website suggests otherwise. The latest information is that Part Twelve will, in fact, be the double-length one.

So we don't get quite as much Soldiers of Love as we might have been expecting on this occasion. Never mind, though - the price remains the same, and the 70-odd (very odd!) minutes that we do get are as entertaining as ever.

Richard McGinlay