(Doctor Who/Blake's 7 related)
Kaldor City
Taren Capel

Starring: Paul Darrow, Russell Hunter and Scott Fredericks
Magic Bullet Productions
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These are strange times for Kaldor City. A long-vanished prophet speaks again, corruption is rife among the Founding Families, and even the robots upon which the city depends could hold secrets that no one dares imagine...

Fans of the Doctor Who related aspects of this series should particularly appreciate this instalment. As its title suggests, it revolves around the "very mad scientist" who attempted to stir up a robot revolution in the Tom Baker story The Robots of Death. David Bailie joins his former Storm Mine colleagues Russell Hunter and David Collings to re-create the role of Dask, alias Taren Capel. As for how the writer, Alan Stevens, manages to work in a character who has supposedly been dead for the last 20 years - well, you'll just have to listen and find out.

Don't be too concerned that Paullus (David Collings) seems to contradict events in The Robots of Death, by claiming that Capel hated robots rather than venerated them. This appears to be a plot point, and I must presume that it is part of Stevens' grand plan. But is Paullus really the name of Collings' character, or is he actually someone else? Intriguing...

By the conclusion of this intricate narrative, it is difficult to tell for sure who is working for whom and who is only pretending to be working for whom. But I get the distinct impression that we aren't really supposed to know who is in charge by this point. Even the psychostrategist Carnell (Scott Fredericks) confesses the view that everybody is being manipulated by somebody else.

The CD ends on a grim note that is either a stunning cliffhanger or could finish off the series for good - right now, I can't really tell. If Uvanov (Hunter) and Iago (Paul Darrow) survive to appear in another episode, they will have a tough time ahead of them, as will the city's entire population.

I certainly hope that this isn't our last visit to Kaldor City, because I would miss Iago's cold cunning, Uvanov's cowardly conniving and Rull's... um... lardy lechery.

Richard McGinlay