Judge Dredd

Starring: Toby Longworth, Jeremy James, Kate Brown & Donovan Cary
Big Finish
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ISBN 1 903654 88 2
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It seems like a simple assignment for Judge Dredd; extradite safecracker Bax Philo from Brit-Cit and return him by train to Mega-City One. But someone on board the Silver Sixty Express is looking for revenge, and when a group of armed terrorists take over the Zoom Train, it's up to Dredd to stop a threat that could wipe out millions of lives - the clock is ticking, and things are about to go off the rails...

Dreaddline continues Big Finish's 2000AD series with the same high production values as we have come to expect from a relatively new series. But it just doesn't grip as well as previous offerings.

Fans of US series 24 will find one of Dredd's quotes extremely amusing, but other than this the humour is a little on the weak side. Some will argue (quite rightly) that this is the beauty of the series - one production is played entirely for laughs while the next concentrates more on the drama.

This would have made a passable short inclusion into another Dredd story, but the action seems to drag and by the end I was having problems keeping tuned into the proceedings.

If you are new to the series, then this is not one to get you hooked and if you have been following the stories as they are released then you may be disappointed by this mediocre offering, especially when previously this has been a consistently high quality series.

Darren Rea

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