The Twilight Zone
Radio Dramas
4-CD collection - Vol. 3

Starring: Stacy Keach, John Ratzenberger, Chelcie Ross, Andrea Evans & Mike Starr
Falcon Picture Group
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On the day an unpopular idealist is to be hanged for killing a racist bully, the townsfolk are mystified to see the morning sky is pitch black...

I am the Night - Color me Black is a bit of a long and drawn out affair. While the story is a gripping one, it's not really The Twilight Zone material - the twist in the tail is not that strange and the payoff is more a moral lecture than a shock revelation. Also John Ratzenberger (of Cheers fame) is not very well cast and sounds like he is reading his script for the first time - though the supporting cast are great. An interesting, if strange, opening to this collection.


While commuting on a train, an ad executive dreams away his job pressures and finds himself back in time to the peaceful old fashioned town of Willoughby...

A Stop at Willoughby taps into a personal fantasy of many people who have had enough of working in a job that is too stressful and provides very few rewards. Travelling back and fourth to work on the train the hero of the story keeps imagining that the train stops at a strange station called Willoughby, yet no such station exists on that route. As he becomes more and more fed up with his job he becomes more tempted to step off at the strange station which seems to have been untouched by time.

This story has a rather unoriginal ending, yet that doesn't detract from the fact that its construction and delivery is well produced. Entertaining.


Klutzy-but-loveable Agnes Grep is "rescued" from poverty by Cavender, a guardian angel who will earn his wings if he can improve Grep's life in a substantial way...

Cavender is Coming begins with an almost perfect homage to the opening scene of the heart warming Frank Capra movie It's a Wonderful Life - the voices, the music are all perfectly mimicked. The moral to the story is also similar to the movie only this audio goes round the houses in a different fashion. The conclusion is a little bit of an anticlimax, but the rest of the audio is engaging.


Hypochondriac Walter Bedeker sells his soul for immortality and indestructibility, only to find out that life might not be worth living if the thrill is gone...

Escape Clause represents the best audio production included in volume three. Just what would you do if offered the chance to live forever? Would you sell your soul? And if so how would you go about ensuring you didn't get bored? Guest star Mike Starr is great in his role in this chilling story. While the conclusion can be seen coming a mile away it is still entertaining.


All the episodes contained here are from original scripts by Rod Serling and these new recordings go to show how timeless these stories really are. As well as a fantastic supporting cast these stories have impressive sound effects and beautiful scores that help to set the mood.

This collection is hampered slightly by the annoying advertisements that keep interrupting each episode for the shows website and its official sponsors (although to be fair the ad breaks are now recorded as amusing sketches which is a vast improvement over the first two volumes). This wouldn't be too bad if you could skip the track, but each story is on a separate disc which has only one track on it - so it is very difficult to take a break in the middle of listening to one of the episodes. The annoyance of the advertisements soon disappears as I found myself automatically tuning out when I got used to them.

This is a fantastic collection. Anyone with an interest in science fiction should get their hands on these recordings.

Pete Boomer

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