The Twilight Zone
Radio Dramas
4-CD collection - Vol. 4

Starring: Stacy Keach, Morgan Brittany, Tim Kazurinsky, Stan Freberg & Frank John Hughes
Falcon Picture Group
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On the road home from the Civil War, a confederate soldier meets a widow and together they learn that the road they are travelling might not lead home at all...

The Passersby is very predictable and if you haven't worked out the ending in the first 15 minutes then you are a little slow on the uptake. However, that is the intention - you are supposed to unearth what is happening fairly early on so that you can appreciate the widow's predicament. The question of what has happened to her is supposed to be the twist in the tail, but it doesn't quite work as such.

The acting is impeccable, the stock music is great and the overall story is engaging but for some reason it doesn't gel as it should.


Four master thieves put themselves into suspended animation for 100 years after hiding a fortune in gold bars. But even in the future, wealth is still beyond their reach...

The Rip Van Winkle Caper is a great little story which is extremely engaging. It includes all your usual clichés when suspended animation pods are used. It seems to be a sci-fi law that at least one of the pods will malfunction leaving behind a skeleton. The relationship between the four crooks is amusing (paying homage to the Ealing Comedy's The Ladykillers) and the whole production seems to be over before you know it. The only slight complaint is that one of the villains is supposed to be British and never, since Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, have I heard such a ridiculous accent.

Apart from that, this recording is very entertaining.


Political fanatic Oliver Crangle has determined that at 4:00pm he'll rid the world of all evil people by shrinking them to 2 ft tall. But his plan may prove a little short-sighted...

Four O'clock is a great episode, but one that could quite easily have fallen flat on its face. The guest star carries this episode (with barely a look in from any other voice over artists. Thankfully Stan Freberg is perfect in the role of the barking mad fanatic who sees evil in everyone. If you don't work out the ending by the time you are half way through the episode then you have obviously not being paying attention to the other stories in this collection.

A well scripted and acted episode that doesn't come up short.


The residents of a quiet street suspect an alien invasion is imminent and that one of their own is a monster leading the attack...

The Monsters are Due on Maple Street is the best recording in this collection. Just what would happen in a small town once fear and uncertainty is unleashed? The answer, pure and simple, is anarchy. Citizens taking things into their own hands and believing that one amongst them is a monster from another planet. And why? Because the electrical power in the street is down - as are all the engines to their cars. Nothing mechanical seems to work - apart for one mans car. Surely he is not human! Sounds crazy, but mass hysteria as represented here is not a million light years away from the sort of frenzy the British press is capable of whipping up (remember the recent pedophile outings where a paediatrician was attacked?)

A fantastic conclusion to a wonderful series.


All the episodes contained here are from original scripts by Rod Serling and these new recordings go to show how timeless these stories really are. As well as a fantastic supporting cast these stories have impressive sound effects and beautiful scores that help to set the mood.

This collection is hampered slightly by the annoying advertisements that keep interrupting each episode for the shows website and its official sponsors (although to be fair the ad breaks are now recorded as amusing sketches which is a vast improvement over the first two volumes). This wouldn't be too bad if you could skip the track, but each story is on a separate disc which has only one track on it - so it is very difficult to take a break in the middle of listening to one of the episodes. The annoyance of the advertisements soon disappears as I found myself automatically tuning out when I got used to them.

This is a fantastic collection. Anyone with an interest in science fiction should get their hands on these recordings.

Pete Boomer

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