The Tin Princess
Complete and Unabridged

Author: Philip Pullman
Narrator: Anton Lesser
BBC Cover to Cover
RRP £24.99 (Cassette)
ISBN 1844 40023 9
Available 05 April 2004

Jim Taylor, consulting detective, gambler, bodyguard, writer and friend of Sally Lockhart, has been looking for Adelaide Bevan for a long time... So imagine his surprise when he finds her at last - a beautiful young woman and in the company of no less a personage than Prince Rudolf of Eschtenburg, heir to the throne of Razkavia...

The Tin Princess is the fourth instalment in Philip Pullman's Sally Lockhart series. This collection of four audio cassettes lasts for just under nine hours and is narrated by Anton Lesser - better known for his work on numerous Shakespeare audio recordings.

Razkavia is a tiny independent kingdom at the heart of Europe with high mountains and dark forests. The legend says that while the Red Eagle flag flies above the Rock of Eschtenburg, Razkavia will be free. But dark forces are circling and the Prince and Adelaide and the kingdom itself are in peril. Adelaide, Jim and their new friend Becky soon find themselves travelling to Razkavia - into the heart of the danger.

Pullman weaves an intricate tale from a series I have to admit to being unfamiliar with - although I loved the author's His Dark Materials trilogy. It's not essential that you have read (or heard) the other titles in this series, but it is obviously preferable that you have.

While this won't be to everyone's taste, it is interesting enough to hold the attention of most of Pullman's fans.

Pete Boomer