Dalek Empire III
Chapter Four - The Demons

Starring: David Tennant, William Gaunt and Ishia Bennison
Big Finish Productions
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84435 085 1
Available 22 September 2004

The Galactic Union now knows of Galanar's covert mission to find the Daleks. But what exactly has he discovered? Meanwhile, the Graxis Wardens are adrift in Dalek territory, hopelessly outnumbered...

Following the revelations in the previous chapter about Amur (Claudia Elmhirst), the spotlight now turns on the background of Galanar (David Tennant), whose past and strange abilities have been shrouded in mystery up until now. In typical Dalek Empire/Nick Briggs style, few characters are exactly what they appear to be. Indeed, can it be that Amur's allegiances have changed again?

This episode involves lengthy flashbacks, as it delves into the pasts of Galanar, Amur and Selestru (William Gaunt). In the process, we also get a welcome opportunity to hear the wonderful accent of Morli (Dannie Carr), from Dalek War, once again. (It's no great surprise that she was going to appear at some point, however, because for some reason she has been credited on the sleeve of every Dalek Empire III release to date.)

Despite the backward-looking nature of this instalment - or perhaps even because of it, since the flashbacks involve several changes of scene - the pace of the saga has picked up considerably since last time.

Whereas Chapter Three used the Daleks quite sparingly, they are far more heavily involved in this chapter. In particular, the Dalek Supreme (Sarah Mowat) gets plenty of ranting to do. There's another blast from the past (quite literally) as the sound effect for her weapon contains elements of the Dalek gun effect from Genesis of the Daleks - I love little touches like that.

All in all, things are hotting up nicely.

Richard McGinlay

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