Dalek Empire III
Chapter Five - The Warriors

Starring: David Tennant and Ishia Bennison
Big Finish Productions
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84435 086 X
Available 29 October 2004

Galanar and Elaria now know that they were created to destroy the Daleks, but how can they do that when they are facing a Dalek execution squad? The Graxis Wardens have penetrated deep into enemy territory but they are completely outnumbered. Meanwhile, Kaymee begins to learn the truth about the NFS plague...

You may notice that I have dropped William Gaunt from the "Starring" line for this review. That's because his character, Georgi Selestru, doesn't appear in Chapter Five at all (even though he is credited on the CD sleeve).

However, we do get to hear more of Kaymee (Laura Rees) than we have of late, as her health sees some considerable improvement... or does it? In the midst of some bizarre dream sequences, including a bit of an Empire Strikes Back moment, her less than pleasant fate is rather clearly signposted, particularly to those of you who have seen the Colin Baker Doctor Who serial Revelation of the Daleks.

This series continues to succeed in depicting the sinister Skarosians as a force to be reckoned with. When an attack squad of a dozen Graxis Wardens is seriously challenged by a party of just four Daleks, I was reminded of the creatures' boast in the William Hartnell epic, The Daleks' Master Plan: "One Dalek is capable of exterminating all!"

As with Chapter Three, the CD is supplemented by some behind-the-scenes material: six and a half minutes' worth this time. And as with Chapter Three, this stuff previously featured on issue five of the free Big Finish Magazine CD, though it does include Nicholas Briggs's amusing impersonation of Ishia Bennison, as he discusses the casting process.

This is exciting stuff, but for some reason the cliffhanger ending didn't leave me as close to the edge of my seat as this series usually does.

Richard McGinlay

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