Dalek Empire III
Chapter Six - The Future

Starring: David Tennant and Ishia Bennison
Big Finish Productions
RRP 9.99
ISBN 1 84435 087 8
Available 19 November 2004

The Graxis Wardens, Galanar, Elaria and Tarkov are all heading for the planet Velyshaa. But the Dalek Supreme's forces are in hot pursuit. They have superior numbers, firepower and technology, and the creation of the largest Dalek army that history has ever known is already under way...

Following his absence from the previous chapter, Georgi Selestru (William Gaunt) puts in an appearance this time, though it is only for a few minutes, so once again I see no reason to include him in the "Starring" line above.

The plot of this final instalment sees the focus of the action return to the planet Velyshaa, where Dalek Empire II left off, as the characters race to obtain a copy of Kalendorf's telepathic records as proof for the Galactic Union of the Daleks' evil intentions. I was rather hoping that this would be an opportunity to hear the voice of Gareth Thomas as Kalendorf again, but that was not to be.

Seven months elapse during the journey. The transition is marked by the change in the relationship that exists between Galanar (David Tennant - soon to be seen as Barty Crouch Jr in the movie version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) and Siy Tarkov (Steven Elder). Both men come across as more jocular, and Tarkov seems much calmer than his former, frantic self. His peace of mind doesn't last for long, however. There are hints of the misfortune that is to befall our heroes as we finally get to hear to whom Galanar has been talking during his narrative asides all this time...

Nicholas Briggs knocks the incidental music up a notch during the climactic battle scenes, but the "ending" is frustratingly inconclusive. As I should have learned to expect from this series by now, the fates of several characters are left up in the air for possible future continuation.

This isn't a bad CD, but I had expected a little more after five months of build-up.

Richard McGinlay

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