Judge Dredd
Death Trap

Starring: Toby Longworth, Claire Buckfield & Mark Gatiss
Big Finish
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ISBN 1 903654 81 5
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Judge Death is being held prisoner in one of Mega-City One's Iso-blocks. A terrorist group have threatened to set him free. It is down to The city's chief lawman, Judge Dredd, to stop the parallel universe superfiend from making his escape and sentencing all living creatures to death...

Death Trap is the second in Big Finish's 2000AD Judge Dredd collection of audio adventures. The first adventure, Wanted: Dredd or Alive, was of an incredibly high standard and Death Trap is every ounce as enjoyable.

Mark Gatiss, of The League of Gentlemen fame, guest stars as Judge Death. And while Toby Longworth's portrayal of Dredd is wonderful, Gatiss's Death is a little wide of the mark. He doesn't sound nearly as rasping and evil as the character is depicted in the original comic strips and he comes across sounding like an impression of the undercover police officer in The Matrix, but with a lisp.

That aside, the story rattles along at a break neck pace and the links, in the style of a futuristic radio show, help to add a humorous touch. And Walter the Robot's (now doing community service) new owner provides additional comic relief.

There is a twist towards the end of the episode which sees Death having an unlikely helper. Oh, and watch out for the Stallone Judge Dredd movie reference - nice touch.

If you are a fan of Judge Dredd then you really should be collecting this series.

Darren Rea

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