Judge Dredd
The Killing Zone

Starring: Toby Longworth, Regina Reagan & Stephen Grief
Big Finish
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ISBN 1 903654 83 1
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Just another day in the Big Meg, and another thousand deaths. Citizens are dry-diving out of hab-blocks, piling up on the interways... as usual. But deep down below the urban sprawl, people are being horribly slaughtered in a city-wide snuff-fix! The Killing Zone's audience share is sky-high - and with the Judges unable to stop these deadly games, the Justice Department's reputation is at an all-time low. For Joe Dredd, this is an outrage. The Law must be seen to be served. Justice must be done...

This is the third in the Big Finish series of Judge Dredd stories. While the other two stories were well above average, The Killing Zone stands out as a much better production. It's paced better and not one second of the production gives your mind time to wander. And in your face action from beginning to end is what Dredd should be about.

The Killing Zone is, simply, an underground arena where contestants must fight to the death until only one remains standing. All footage is broadcast live to residents of Mega-City One, of which a third tune in on a regular basis. Gambling on the winner is big business and behind the whole thing is a mad man called Efil Drago Sun.

As in previous Dredd productions some of the best moments are to be had with Enigma Smith and her news bulletins. This time around she brings us Instant Death Alerts - which warn Mega-City residents on the dangers of poisoned water and increase risk of death from exposure to the sun - complete with a great jingle. There is also a great commercial for Umpty Candy.

Stephen Grief is wonderful as the evil Efil Drago Sun, controller of the Killing Zone and both John Wadmore and Holly Chant turn in great performances as an undercover Judge and a rebellious Psi Cop respectively. And Toby Longworth's Dredd even seems better (if that's possible) than previous instalments.

y only grumble is that the ending comes unexpectedly and seems a little on the rushed side - although having said that it is an original ending and will have you wanting for more.

This is what Judge Dredd is all about and Big Finish have turned in a remarkable production. Go buy it.

Darren Rea

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