Audio Books

Narrator: Bill Roberts
Penguin Audio
6.99 (each)
Thunderbirds 1 - ISBN 0-14-180335-5
Thunderbirds 2 - ISBN 0-14-180336-3
Thunderbirds 3 - ISBN 0-14-180337-1
Thunderbirds 4 - ISBN 0-14-180338-X
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Penguin has launched four Thunderbirds audio adventures, each containing two episodes from the original TV series. With an enhanced soundtrack and additional specially recorded narration, each twin cassette pack costs 6.99 for two episodes which by anyone's reckoning is good value for money.

The first volume contains Trapped in the Sky and Pit of Peril; volume two retells Martian Invasion and Brink of Disaster; volume three features Desperate Intruder and The Impostors; and finally, volume 4 presents Attack of the Alligators! and Atlantic Inferno.

The tapes are not reissues of the original 1960s Century 21 EPs, which is a bit of a shame, but in their favour each cassette holds an entire, full-length episode. The main audio track is from the Carlton remastered stereo version with linking narration.

Perhaps a little "young" in presentation for adult listeners, the tapes are, however, nice additions to the still growing range of Thunderbirds merchandise. Each audiobook set has a running times of around 1hr 30mins. Ideal for listening to in the car when stuck in traffic.

Probably more of a purchase for Dad's who want to pretend they are buying them for their kids. Great value for money.

Pete Boomer