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Look up at the stars and you see a million points of light - you're looking at the entire universe. But what is out there? Sam Neill takes you into deep space to find out...

The BBC's Space series tries to pass itself off as science fact, but in reality a lot of the theories expressed here are not scientifically proven and there are a lot of academics who would argue that a lot of what is explained is pure fabrication. Like Walking with Dinosaurs/Beasts this series falls down on this very simple fact - why wasn't the audience informed that 'scientists believe' or 'the most likely theory is'. Passing off some of these theories as fact was, at times, risible. For example in one episode Neill explains that we are all from outer space and that mankind will one day colonise Mars is we are to stay alive.

Ignoring this minor quibble, the series is beautifully presented with Neill acting as a god like figure explaining our origins and our future. And the script manages to move the episodes on at a cracking pace. The computer generated graphics help to add a great deal to the experience and builds on numerous, rather dry, documentary that have preceded this series.

Not a great deal of extras. You get a photo gallery, some pointless on location footage, a space facts encyclopedia and a behind the scenes featurette (which is interesting.)

Space will appeal to everyone from the very young to the very old and is one of those DVD's which will be watched over and over again.

Darren Rea

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