Battle of the Planets - 2 Disc set

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Ready to save the planet are G-Force, a crack group of super heroes who must battle forces from outside out solar system to ensure we can carry on living as normal...

A two-disc set of Battle of the Planets. you're either very excited at the prospect or terrified by it. I guess it mainly depends on your age. If you are 30-something you will remember rushing downstairs on a Saturday morning to watch this. If you grew up with Pokemon then you may wonder what all the fuss is about.

Spread over these two discs are adventures such as The Fearful Sea Anemone and Big Robot Gold Grab. The voice artists are frankly dreadful, the animation is dire and the plots beggar belief but. somehow it's fantastic, in a "did I really like this?" sort of way.

What more is there to say? Go buy/avoid it.

Anthony Clark

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