Stargate SG-1
Volume 20

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping & Christopher Judge
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Certificate: PG
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The SG-1 team are trapped four million light years from Earth, Teal'c has been captured by Apophis and their archenemy looks set to blast them to bits...

Enemies gets season five off to a cracking start with some nice twists. The replicator bugs are back and are much meaner (and you can tell the effects department have been given bags more cash to throw at the effects.) and Teal'c is not what he seems. While this episode does not conclude the season four cliffhanger as predictably as I had thought it would (stranded light-years from Earth without a Stargate how will our heroes get back home? Simple! Board Apophis's ship and use his Stargate) the alternative solution is much better executed and I now know why I am not a script writer for the show.

A very satisfying beginning to what looks set to be a great season.


Teal'c is taken back to the SGC unit to start his rehabilitation. Bra'tac suggests an ancient Jaffa ritual to ensure that he can return to active duty. One slight drawback is that the ritual has always resulted in the death of the participant...

Threshold is arguably one of the best Teal'c based episodes and fans of the series are treated to a full history of everyone's favourite Jaffa. Here we get to see how he came to be in the employ of Apophis, why he chose to defy his goa'uld master and charts his history right up until the time he meets up with SG-1 for the first time.

This is a must see episode.


While on a mission to an alien planet Major Carter is rendered unconscious. The SGC relieve her of duty to let her recover from exhaustion. When she starts to see an invisible stranger the SGC start to question whether she will ever be able to return to active duty...

Ascension has a lot going for it, but it is a little too slow and would really have worked better as a B-plot to another episode. There are a number of nuggets hidden away in the additional audio commentary for this episode including the fact that Amanda Tapping (Carter) placed real gifts from her fans around her screen home and that Carter has a porno collection (an accident that occurred because the real owners of the house had a porno video which actually ended up making it in to the finished). We also discover that their are toilets at the SGC HQ (nice comedic touch) as well as finding out that O'Neill has never seen Star Wars.

John de Lancie (more famous as Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation) also makes his first appearance as the semi-regular character of colonel Frank Simmons.


O'Neill stays behind on a mission to look after the fifth member of SG-1, Lt. Tyler. When the remaining member of the team return to Earth and explain what has happened Hammond has them quarantined telling them that no such Lt has ever existed SGC...

The Fifth Man is intriguing. This episode keeps the audience guessing until the last minute. As Lt. Tyler joined the SGC only a few months ago it is quiet feasible that he exists and that Hammond and the rest of the SGC have been infiltrated by aliens, have lost their memory or any number of other possible scenarios.

The ending is a little moralistic, but gets the message home without laboring the point too heavily.


Volume 20 has a nice collection of audio commentaries and a rather lame SG-1 Video diary by Don S. Davis which aptly demonstrates why you wouldn't want him recording your wedding video. A damn fine disc all the same.

Darren Rea

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