Hardware Wars


Certificate: 12
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When George Lucas created the world of Star Wars, he also inspired an alternative world inhabited by flying toasters, deadly waffle irons, and hot cinnamon buns. A world involving deadly Hardware Wars. One of the most successful short films ever, this is the acknowledged granddaddy of all Star Wars parodies and the only film to feature flying, battling steam-iron spaceships, and 'DynaSpace' sound...

Hardware Wars was originally filmed in 1978 and is just under 15 minutes in length. The production was originally filmed as a parody on the way large scale Hollywood movies were marketed and the movie is actually a teaser trailer for the non-existent Hardware Wars movie.

Borrowing characters and the plot from Star Wars, writer/director Ernie Fosselius renames the main characters with corny names that even MAD magazine would be ashamed to use in their spoof strips: Fluke Starbucker, Augie Ben Doggie, Princess Anne-Droid, Ham Salad, and the evil Darph Nader. The comedy sometimes takes a back seat to the story advancement - there is a whole segment in the Millennium Falcon which is laugh free and really drags the production down.

At under 15 minutes in length this is disc could have been a waste of space. Thankfully, there are also a whole heap of extras: Director's commentary. Producer's comments. Rare look at a pirated foreign version from 1979. An interview with Fosselius on TV show Creature Features. Out-takes and lost scenes. The actual workprint/director's cut. Antique Sideshow, prequel revealing the rediscovery of Hardware Wars.

Fosselius is a comedy genius, and for anyone who remembers seeing Star Wars when it first opened in 1977 this movie is a hoot. Sadly it is one of those DVDs that you will watch once and then probably never watch again. Entertaining in the short-term though.

Ray Thompson


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