Inspector Morse
Volume 6

Starring: John Thaw & Kevin Whately
Carlton Visual Entertainment
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Certificate: PG
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Playboy architect Michael Gifford has been strangled in his car and the only clues to the murder are his diary and a car parking ticket. The list of suspects grows as Morse and Lewis uncover a love triangle involving the dead man...

The Secret of Bay 5B stars George Irving as George Henderson (alias Dr Anton Mayer - Holby City) Morse finds himself getting closer to Dr Grayling Russell and even steps out with her on the dance floor, only to be called away to investigate a murder.

This episode sees the clearest indication so far that Grayling is falling for Morse as she drops several hints that she would like to take their relationship further, and the episode ends on a happy note with the two of them sharing a laugh and heading off to the theatre together.

A few funny moments with Morse nearly getting seduced by a prostitute, and Lewis seeming so concerned at the loss of Morse's theatre tickets that he absent-mindedly puts his half eaten lunch in his pocket, only to find it later. Lewis does a good - blink and you'll miss it - impression of Stan Laurel in a scene in the pub with Morse. Lewis yet again receives a nasty crack on the head, leading to the joke from Morse that he must have a skull like an anvil.

Secret of Bay 5B fails to entertain as much as other Morse outings, but is still worth a look.

The additional photo gallery includes many photographs of Morse and Dr Russell, and includes some very nice portraits of Amanda Hillwood.


Inspector Morse investigates the tangled web of evidence surrounding the mysterious death of an eminent environmentalist, Professor Julian Dear, killed minutes before he was due to give a highly controversial lecture. Morse has to unravel the mysterious crank parcels being sent to one of the Masters of the College, and a further death only adds to the mystery...

The Infernal Serpent features one of the better opening sequences, with most of the investigation cantering around Beaufort College. Morse yet again reveals his chronic squeamishness, leaving Lewis to explore what later becomes a key clue in the case.

The episode stars Geoffrey Palmer (Butterflies) as Master Matthew Copley-Barnes. And once again we catch Lewis pulling funny faces. The Infernal Serpent also sees Dr Grayling Russell departing the series.

Photo Gallery - They must have been scraping the barrel for this selection of photographs, subjects are either out of focus or not framed properly. I could have taken a better shots with my old Brownie Instamatic.

Heather Simpson

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