Inspector Morse
Volume 7

Starring: John Thaw & Kevin Whately
Carlton Visual Entertainment
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Certificate: 15
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Morse and Lewis become immersed in the mystery surrounding an unwelcome take-over bid by a large multinational company and the suspicious death of the current managing director, Trevor Radford...

In The Sins Of The Father sees Lewis amused that Morse should be assigned to this case and quips: "You'll never believe this sir, we have to visit a brewery". And Lionel Jeffries stars as determined old man Charles Radford, who seems to suffer with 'selective deafness'.

Excellently directed by Peter Hammond (Service of all the Dead) and uses an unusual assortment of camera angles. All in all a good all rounder.

The discs extra is a photo gallery that includes 20 photos, although there is a distinct lack of captions and only four photographs have headings.

The apparently motiveless murder of two young women points to a psychotic killer. A local garage owner, who knew both girls arouses suspicion, but there's a twist in the tale...

Driven To Distraction is the third episode to be directed by award winning Anthony Minghella and is the only episode, to my recollection, that has Morse pursuing a serial killer.

Patrick Malahide is well cast as the quite revolting Boynton, who must rate as one of the nastiest villains of the series, and the tension that mounts between Boynton and Morse is electrifying.

This episode also sees Morse becoming a computer expert, taking a course of driving lessons and even finding a lady (DS Maitland) that shares his love of Bach. But one slight criticism is the apparent flaw in police prosecution. We see Boynton committing and being found out about certain crimes but he manages to evade prosecution and to make matters worse, even receives an apology and unusual gift from Morse. Does this make any sense ? Would this happen in real life ? Despite this, a thoroughly good episode.

Heather Simpson

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