Inspector Morse
Volume 8

Starring: John Thaw & Kevin Whately
Carlton Visual Entertainment
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Certificate: PG
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Morse finds himself at the top of the suspect list when a lady friend, Beryl Newsome is stabbed at a dress rehearsal for the local production of the Magic Flute...

Masonic Mysteries gives us a rare opportunity to see Morse in a unusually vulnerable light as he becomes the victim of a gross injustice. The friendship that Morse and Lewis have is under pressure, only to emerge stronger than ever - Morse's trust in Lewis and Lewis's loyalty to Morse is never more apparent than in this episode.

Real edge of the seat stuff, although it can be a bit far-fetched in places. Some nice scenes, especially the one when Morse is in the ambulance - you really feel sorry for him.

This episode also features a brief guest appearance from composer Barrington Pheloung (he's dressed as a bird in the opening scene). There is also a scene which the continuity department should have picked up. In the scene where they visit Marion Brooke, you can see John Thaw's microphone under his tie.

One of the best episodes so far.


An ex- deputy police commissioner Charlie Hillan is writing a book of unsolved cases when he is suddenly murdered. He is found with a chapter of his book missing which relates to the murder of a young girl committed 18 years ago. Morse thinks there could be a connection and that the two killings could be related...

Second Time Around is an excellent episode, although rather sad as it involves the death of a young child and you clearly see that this has an effect upon Morse.

There is an excellent scene where Morse and Redpath are in the interview room and Morse suddenly realises exactly who Redpath actually is. Oliver Ford-Davies stars as Frederick Redpath, while Dawson is expertly played by Kenneth Coley.

This is a case which even surprises Morse, a thoroughly enjoyable episode.

Heather Simpson

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