Inspector Morse
Volume 10
Greeks Bearing Gifts/Promised Land

Starring: John Thaw & Kevin Whately
Carlton Visual Entertainment
RRP: 14.99
Certificate: PG
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The chef, Nico, at Lewis's favourite restaurant is found dead with a broken neck. Then a baby goes missing, but the Greek community seems unwilling to help Morse and Lewis with their investigations...

In Greeks Bearing Gifts Morse listens to vicious gossip and nearly doesn't solve the case. Jan Harvey is very convincing in the role of Friday Rees.

There is a great scene where Morse decides to nick the police stations TV and video to allow him to do a little homework.

Not one of the better episodes.


When a convicted robber dies of aids in prison, the case against him is reopened. Morse and Lewis head to Australia to pursue Kenny Stone (alias Mike Harding) the man whose evidence put away the gang of armed robbers. However, it appears they are not the only ones in pursuit of the supergrass...

Promised Land is set in New South Wales, Australia. Morse and Lewis look decidedly sweaty throughout most of this episode and even when stopping at a bar Morse orders orange juice much to Lewis's surprise. When asked why he didn't have a beer Morse replies "They don't spell Australian beer with 4 X's out of ignorance".

In this episode we get to learn Lewis's first name Robert (although his friends usually call him Robbie). We see Lewis having a great time and it's quite amusing to watch him getting drunk with Sergeant Scott Humphries. Morse on the other hand doesn't seem to be enjoying himself at all and he doesn't think the Aussie police force are up to much either.

Ann Harding, played by actress Rhondda Findleton, is actually quite well known in New Zealand as the Butter Lady on account of the fact she has played the mother in a TV advert for Anchor Butter for 5 years.

Production gallery of photographs of cast and crew taken against beautiful Australian backdrops, including Sydney Harbour.

Heather Simpson

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